I am a founding partner and principal at NYXdesign.  My work spans the disciplines of film, television, corporate presentations, special events, and theater.

I am at my core I am a collaborative storyteller.   I find my greatest joy in joining together with great storytellers to craft the visual images that take an audience on a journey.

My practice is centered around the convergence of lighting and digtial media.  With each project I have sought to combine technology from different mediums to create immersive environments to surprise and delight the audience.  I have discovered then when you break the audience's expectation of what the experience is going to be then a whole world opens up to visual journey you can take them on.

This exploration of these design ideas lead to my being honored in 2010 with the Redden Award for Excellence for Corporate/Event Lighting for the design of the Xbox E3 2010 Media Briefing. 

I have designed lighting and digital media for many of Microsoft’s Xbox’s media and public events for the past seven years including the E3 media briefings and The Zero Hour which was the launch of the Xbox 360 console.

I have also lit the Microsoft hardware launch events over the pas 5 years.  Including the launch of the Surface Laptop, the Surface Studio, the Surface Pro 4, Windows Phone 10 and Windows Phone 8.

Corporate credits include National Dealer Meetings for Fiat, Hyundai & Suzuki, as well as shows for The Walt Disney Company, Amazon, Microsoft, Nissan, GM, Mazda, Mercedes, Ford, Chrysler and Amgen.

I am known for my unique large scale special event design. One example is the lighting design of the world premiere of the DreamWorks’ film Shark Tale which took place in Venice at the Piazza San Marco, where I was responsible for lighting the entire square and architecture surrounding one of Europe’s most historic squares.

Other live spectacular credits include the world premiere of Disney’s film Pearl Harbor at Pearl Harbor where I lit the entire harbor theatrically for television, including the USS Missouri, the Arizona Memorial and the USS Stennis.  Another credits of my design work was the world tour of Fantasia 2000. In this design the film was shown while the London Philharmonia played the soundtrack live in sync with the film. The tour launched at Carnegie Hall then moved to the Royal Albert Hall in London, Theatre Champs Elysees in Paris, Orchard Hall in Tokyo and finishing at Pasadena Civic on the eve of the millennium.

I have also been brought in to design specific scenes in feature films where the filmmakers have required a theatrical look of scale. Film sequence designs include the final rock concert from Paramount’s Rat Race and the boxing sequence from Dickie Roberts.

I have a MFA from Carnegie Mellon in Lighting Design and I return to campus on a regular basis to lead master classes.